Sophia Hotel Kyiv.

Creating the logotype and visual identity for the hotel in the heart of Kyiv.

Client: Sophia Hotel Kyiv

Location: Ukraine

Year: 2021-2022

Activities: logotype, visual identity, graphic design, art direction, corporate materials.

In August 2022, Sophia Hotel opens its doors in the heart of Kyiv. For nearly four years, modern Ukrainians from various fields have worked on creating this unique blend of creativity and aesthetics. Here, you can indulge not only in comfortable relaxation but also in exceptional works by contemporary Ukrainian artists and creators.

The new space is a true delight for aesthetic enthusiasts. The hotel is housed in a building from 1881. The sophistication of that era finds continuity in a modern interpretation, where every corner of the hotel is imbued with refined taste and contemporary aesthetics.

Molto Bureau was invited to develop the hotel's visual identity. The new visual language aimed to convey the brand's core values and philosophy. Our goal was to create effortless elegance, avoiding excessive luxury or fleeting trends.

Refined typograpy forms combined with warm shades of beige and terracotta created the desired character for the brand. And the classic monogram of the Sophia Hotel became an important element that bridged the distant past of the building with the present.

The new visual style shapes a unique image, providing the hotel with unparalleled charm and distinctiveness. Sophia Hotel itself has already become a magnet for Kyiv residents and city guests.