Visual identity for cybersecurity guardians.

Client: GuardYoo

Location: Ireland

Year: 2018

Activities: logotype, symbol, visual identity system, graphic design, guidelines design, social media design, art direction.

GuardYoo is a unique and highly efficient web service that allows cyber security partners to conduct remote cyber security assessments for their clients. The platform can detect system anomalies and identify vulnerable or damaged areas within a network. GuardYoo was developed by a highly qualified team that has specialised in cyber-attacks of the highest complexity for more than 20 years. 

Having high expertise in large-scale projects, the GuardYoo team has created a platform that can automate compromise assessment, thus reducing costs to a level that makes Compromise Assessment more affordable to a wider range of companies.

These guys are really cool cyber-experts who have created a platform that has no equal.

Molto Bureau was tasked with developing a visual language that would convey the strength, reliability and high technological effectiveness of the brand. Please find the logo, trademark, identity elements and materials designed by us next in our case.