Brewery No. 1.

Renewed label for the first brewery of the country

Client: Brewery No. 1

Location: Kazakstan

Year: 2015

Activities: label design, art direction.

Brewery No. 1 is one of big players on Kazakh beer market. The brewery was established in far 1858 and became the first on Kazakh market, having initiated brewing in the country. For more than 150 years the brewery has got through great number of transformations but kept the original recipe of its first legendary beer.

Molto Bureau redesigned Brewery No. 1 brand in order to communicate national identity and create modern European design at the same time. Brand communication was based on the year of foundation – 1858, which became the key design element. The image of a strong resolute horse, which is close to Kazakh people, becomes a symbol of renewed brand and an additional branding element.