Technological perfection in rebranding of IT company.


Client: Rolique

Location: Ukraine, Poland

Year: 2019

Activities: brand Identity, visual Identity, logo design, art direction, social media, guidelines design, illustration,  graphic design.


Rolique is a technological partner specializing in development of scaled and reliable software solutions. Rolique was founded in 2014 as a boutique company of IT engineers. The company has been growing and expanding its expertise ever since. Nowadays the company has around 60 developers that provide full-time support for its customers, optimizing their business processes. Having two headquarters in Ukraine and Poland the company works on the global market and is listed in TOP-50 on

Rolique reached out to Molto Bureau for rebranding. A new visual identity was to show all the changes that had taken place within the company since its foundation and deliver values and philosophy of the brand.

A new visual style was to work for Rolique’s clients as well as for the team and potential employees. Involvement of talented experts is one of the top development priorities of the company.

We had a task to develop an image that would work well for two audiences and depict different sides of the company. Rolique is a team of young professionals, vigorous new people that don’t stop evolving while remaining easy going and open minded. At the same time Rolique is a serious and reliable partner for big companies, in which restraint and precise rules are a part of etiquette.

Molto Bureau developed a new logo and visual identity system including illustrations, stylistics for social networks and the website, documentation design and corporate materials. Besides, we designed a unique Rolique alphabet for the team, for the purpose of creating internal corporate language and encrypting messages.

The new Rolique is a high-tech young expert that helps to optimize the business and transforms big companies, filling them with fresh energy for reaching new heights.


Photo: Dmytro Hryhorchak