Barvinskyi Art Gallery

A new chapter in Vienna's art scene.

Client: Barvinskyi Art Gallery

Location: Austria

Year: 2023

Activities: logotype, visual identity, materials, guidelines.

Barvinskyi Art Gallery is located in Vienna. The gallery showcases a diverse range of artworks from both renowned and emerging artists, creating a platform for voices that often go unnoticed.

Visitors have the opportunity to discover both local Austrian artists and international artists who weave their narratives into the global fabric of contemporary art.

Our visual solution begins with the brand name, where the 'Art' component takes center stage in the Barvinskyi Art Gallery logo. The emphasis on 'Art' is achieved through the mirrored letter 'A', which becomes a distinctive element of the brand's visual language.

This decision enhances brand recognition and allows for brand identification solely through typography.

The gallery's color palette includes shades of blue, beige, and accent purple. Based on these hues, we developed a color scheme consisting of five combinations. The primary pairs feature blue and beige, combined with black for textual information, supplemented by blue + beige and purple + beige combinations.

Molto Bureau also designed a series of templates and communication materials for the gallery. Some of them are further showcased in our case study.