Packaging for milk that loves you.

Client: Molokija

Location: Ukraine

Year: 2016

Activities: packaging design, visual identity, art direction.

Molokija being one of the biggest players on Ukrainian dairy market that has taken care of Ukrainians’ health for more than 20 years relaunched Its master-brand. Molokija produces natural and healthy dairy products using the “Fresh Milk” careful pasteurization technology that allows to save natural taste and healthy qualities of the product as much as possible. Brain Bridge consulting agency elaborated brand repositioning strategy which included the “Fresh” concept.

Molto Bureau created new package that became reflection of the main concept idea – love to all natural. A key point of moving to the new design was to keep dominating first letters with main composition. Soft flowing shapes enclosing letters became an additional element of identification. Typography became smooth and friendly thereby supporting overall brand concept.


Use of simple shapes, freshness of color palette and smoothness of lines as reflection of love and naturalness became the base of graphic style. It helped the brand to be different from competitors and easily identified by customers on store shelves.