Granvik Shipping.

Vivid image in brand identity of Swiss carriers.

Client: Granvik Shipping

Location: Switzerland

Year: 2015

Activities: logotype design, visual identity system, graphic design, art direction.

Published: Novum. World Of Graphic Design

Granvik Shipping S.A. is a Swiss company specializing in cargo transportation, open sea transshipment and forwarding. The company, being a reputable player on the market, operates its own and chartered fleet of seagoing vessels and floating cranes.

While creating the brand identity for Granvik Shipping SA we were looking for a clean and vivid image that would reflect activity and philosophy of the company. Pelicans have an interesting peculiarity: giant – five times as big as head – beak with throat pouch that pelicans use as a fishing net and a bag for prey transportation. An image of a pelican in open sea became the basis for creating the logo and the brand identity. Waves, that strengthen associations with company's activity, became an auxiliary element for branding. The color of sea waves in sunny weather was chosen as the main brand color.