Simple skin care in the new packaging.

Client: Utilyze

Location: USA

Year: 2018

Activities: packaging design, art direction, casting, photo shooting, graphic design, illustration

Utilyze is a cosmetic brand that helps to take care of one’s beauty by offering simple and effective devices for daily care. Having successfully launched two products, the brand was ready to extend its line.

Utilyze team turned to us for development of a renewed visual style, design of packaging and additional attributes of communication for the new face skin cleaning product. Women of 25-35 who realize the importance of daily skin care and cleansing from makeup residue were chosen as the core of target audience. Having done in-depth interviews with women who are actively interested in and use similar solutions we started working on visual style for the new packaging.

One of important stages of building a proper brand image was the search of the new face with a light and bright emotion. Having conducted an audition and involved a photographer we created a series of photos that were placed on the sides of packaging and became the basis for brand communication.

Following a feeling of purity and lightness we chose laconic design stylistics that nicely communicated key device features and brand philosophy. Light and aerial packaging design, not overwhelmed with massive elements allows one to have a sensation of how your skin would feel itself being cleansed from all the excess. Laconic icons and illustrations complemented visual stylistics of the brand. Our device is an indispensable assistant in daily care, that’s why we kept all communication in calm emotional tone.

We also designed packaging of five additional brushes for special skin types. We depicted different functionality of brushes via minimalistic illustrations portraying priority features of each brush.


Account Director: Iryna Kolisnyk

Art Director: Andriy Muzychka

Model: Polina Kovalevskaya

Photo shooting: Lena Kudrei